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Redefine fresh coffee

Elevate your brew with our on-demand roasting technology, delivering unparalleled freshness and flavor to every cup. 

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Ready to elevate your coffee experience?

Let's explore how the Variety e23 Micro Roaster can bring exceptional coffee craftsmanship and sustainability to your establishment. Your journey to the future of coffee starts here!

* Video of the new Variety e23 coming soon

Launching the era of on-demand

The ansā micro-roaster is leading a new era of hyper-local roasting. Get the maximum quality and freshness and enjoy a coffee solution that is 100% sustainable and good for the environment.

Sustainabilit,Fresh,Superior quality

Committed to a strict direct sourcing practice, bringing green coffee beans from the growers to the hands of the consumer. 


Eliminating waste of non-recyclable packaging and achieving significant energy efficiency, reduces carbon footprint to zero.

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We are partners to our producers and to our channel resellers. Acting as amplifiers and enablers for mutual growth and prosperity.

Making headlines

Product specifications

  • Serves multiple coffee machines

  • Ideal for attended / barista kitchenettes

  • Works with existing brewing equipment

  • Daily output of 5 lbs

  • Voltage: 110V 60Hz

  • Power: 700W

  • Capacity: hopper - 2 lb (0.9 kg), roasted Coffee bin - 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)

  • Dimensions: W 13.5" x D 9.45" x H 20.8"

  • Weight: 35.3 lb

  • Included accessories: 1 x GFCI power cord, 1 x Coffee hopper, 1 x Roasted coffee bin, 1 x Waste bin

Unparalleled roasting precision in just 1… 2…brew!
Fill the hopper with green coffee beans
Take the perfectly roasted beans out
Fill your bean-to-cup machine with the roasted beans

ansā’s roasting technology

ansā's patent-pending roasting technology uses an innovative method based on dielectric heating to activate the beans by applying energy to roast to perfection from the core to the shell. The roasting process is governed by AI, replacing the human operator with a fully autonomous system that produces a homogenous and consistent roast.

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With no preheat, zero cooldown time, and 99% energy efficiency, the machine produces a freshly roasted coffee in 5 minutes.


Inherently sustainable



Power efficient.png

Power efficient



Inside the ansā micro-roaster is an embedded camera to track the roasting progress in real-time to ensure perfectly roasted coffee every time.


Cool to the touch


100% electric

App controlled.png

App controlled



100% electric, compact “white appliance” that is silent, cool to the touch, and produces no smoke.



Min carbon footprint.png

Min carbon footprint

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Why ansā's Variety e23 micro roaster stands out for your business


Elevate your business mornings

Infuse your establishment with the rich aromas of freshly roasted coffee using ansā's Variety e23 Micro Roaster. Ensure your business starts each day with the perfect cup, offering unparalleled freshness that redefines the morning experience for your customers and clients.


Unmatched quality for discerning businesses

For businesses that demand excellence, ansā stands as a reliable partner. Meticulously crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, our Variety e23 Micro Roaster guarantees the highest quality in every batch. Elevate your business with the epitome of coffee craftsmanship.


Efficiency in every roast

The Variety e23 isn't just a coffee roaster; it's an efficiency upgrade for your business. This roaster simplifies the process by seamlessly transforming raw green beans into exquisite brews. Embrace streamlined operations – 1..2..done – and deliver exceptional coffee effortlessly to your clients.


Championing sustainability in business

When you choose ansā and the Variety e23 for your business, you're not just investing in superior coffee; you're championing a sustainable future. By incorporating on-demand roasting, your business actively contributes to ethical sourcing and an eco-conscious approach to coffee production. It's your way of making a positive impact.

* Photo credit. - Noam Frisman

Ready to elevate your coffee experience?

Leave your contact details below, and let's explore how the Variety e23 Micro Roaster can bring exceptional coffee craftsmanship and sustainability to your establishment.
Your journey to the future of coffee starts here!

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