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In a bean shell

In a bean shell

Coffee is a commodity. It is artisanal. The production, processing, and preparation of coffee is a precise scientific procedure and an art form. To its lovers, coffee rituals are sacred. For the coffee producers, it is a source of income and pride.

But more than anything - coffee connects people. 

Coffee is what connected us - foodies with a taste for gastronomy, scientists and makers. Artists and engineers. All of us, together. Pushing the limit of what's possible to bring you the pure, the fresh, the fair, the prosperous. Or, in one word: the answer.

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The ansā clan

The ansā clan

A team with a soul of a coffee lover, the heart of a maker, and the mindset of a scientist; entrepreneurs with a passion for creation and an obsession with perfection.


Co-founder and CTO of TowerSec (acquired by Harman, 2016) General Manager Automotive Cybersecurity at Harman International worldwide.

The boss

Yuval Weisglass

Foodie, maker, and accomplished
tech entrepreneur


Founder of “Q-cafe” specialty coffee chain in Costa Rica In 2006 (Acquired by the Brenes Family Corp. 2010). Founded “MAE”- a direct coffee sourcing, roaster, and a chain of stores.

The pro

Jonathan Scharf

Coffee professional. 
Owner of MAE Cafe 


Held senior product leadership positions in enterprises such as Check Point, Synopsys, and Harman. Specializing in Marketing.

The go-to guy

Matan Scharf

Seasoned tech entrepreneur
and product expert



David Bensal
Strauss Corp

Served as the chief technologist for the Strauss corporation instant coffee division for over 37 years. 


Drew Wolff
Starbucks Corp 

Served as the treasurer for Starbucks Global financial operations and was CFO International & Channel development.


Martin Etchevers
Coffee Industry Expert

Senior Area Sales Manager of Evoca Group, the second-largest leading multinational OEM

Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 12.03_edited.j

Tomer Horovitz
Nespresso Professional

former VP of Nespresso’s commercial division and VP and founder of Nespresso Professional (Israel).


Gaelan Brown
Keurig Green Mountain


Former senior manager of Keurig and sustainability expert with over 25 years of experience in building startups.

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