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5minutes to

to perfectly
roasted coffee 

Making headlines

Step into the future of coffee roasting

The world’s first personal single dose roaster, designed for the true coffee professional. 

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Unparalleled roasting precision in just 1… 2…roasted!
Measure a single dose

Fill the measuring spoon with a single dose of ansā’s green coffee beans

Insert beans

Insert the measuring spoon into the machine and rotate counterclockwise


Once the indication light is green, pull out the bean scoop

Experience perfectly roasted beans
That’s it!

The future of roasting awaits.

ansa’s AI technology and dielectric heating make it the world’s first consumer-centric home roaster. With the future of roasting at the forefront of our innovation, you can enjoy the next generation of roasting.


Why ansā’s single d23 roaster stands out?


Elevate your mornings

Indulge in the rich aromas of freshly roasted coffee each morning. ansā ensures your day starts with the perfect cup, delivering unparalleled freshness that redefines your mornings.


Simplicity at its finest

ansā's single d23 isn't just a roaster; it's a lifestyle choice for coffee lovers. Effortlessly simple, it transforms raw green beans into your favorite brew with just a few clicks. Embrace the ease – 1..2..done – and savor the simplicity of exceptional coffee, hassle-free.


Quality redefined

For those who demand excellence, ansa stands as a beacon. Crafted with precision and top-tier technology, our single d23 guarantees the highest quality in every brew. Experience the epitome of coffee craftsmanship.


Support sustainability

When you choose ansā, you’re not just embracing superior coffee; you're supporting a sustainable future. By roasting at home, you actively contribute to farmers' livelihoods and a more eco-conscious approach to coffee production. It's your way of making a difference.

ansā's experience in your hands

Look inside the ansā single d23 micro-roaster through the ansā app and see your beans roasted to perfection in real-time. Using the app, you can access the single directly (no need for Internet connection or WiFi) and gain deep insights on the roasting parameters and progress, control variables such as the bean’s variety and profile, and perform routine tasks, such as software updates.


Reliable Excellence, Every Roast.

Experience precision like never before with the ansā single d23. From temperature to fan speed, our roaster guarantees consistent perfection, eliminating guesswork. Every step is transparent through our intuitive mobile app, ensuring each cup boasts the same exceptional quality, making your trust in ansā well-placed.


We are excited to bring the freshest, smoothest, most sustainable coffee to break rooms throughout Southern Idaho & Eastern Oregon.

Aaron Lawton.jpeg

Aaron Lawton
Oasis Northwest, Boise Id


The marriage of ansā’s breakthrough technology with our specialty green beans is the ultimate recipe for success.


Roberto Mata

Costa Rica


I miss that ansā coffee!
It's the best coffee I have ever tasted.



Bob Tullio

Los Angeles


Driving up quality,
pushing for significant environmental impact, and allowing for a game-changer cost reduction

jibe logo_edited.jpg

Jibe Ventures
Tel Aviv


ansā’s roasting technology

ansā's patent-pending roasting technology uses an innovative method based on dielectric heating to activate the beans by applying energy to roast to perfection from the core to the shell. The roasting process is governed by AI, replacing the human operator with a fully autonomous system that produces a homogenous and consistent roast.



With no preheat, zero cooldown time, and 99% energy efficiency, the machine produces a single dose of freshly roasted coffee in 5 minutes.


Inherently sustainable



Power efficient.png

Power efficient



Inside the ansā single micro-roaster is an embedded camera to track the roasting progress in real-time to ensure perfectly roasted coffee every time.

single dose.png

Single dose


Cool to the touch


100% electric



ansā’s single-dose roaster is 100% electric, compact “white appliance” that is silent, cool to the touch, and produces no smoke.

App controlled.png

App controlled



Min carbon footprint.png

Min carbon footprint

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IMG_7428-ALON_GILBOA (1).jpg

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