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The future of coffee
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variety e23
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Meet Variety e23

The micro-roaster that is leading a new era of hyper-local roasting. Together with ansā's specialty green coffee beans, is the perfect solution for businesses that care about the freshness and quality of their coffee just as much as they care about the environment. 

Our coffee varieties

Explore our coffee varieties, their origins, flavor profiles, and more.

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Concept store

ansā's coffee concept store

Brewing a sustainable revolution in the heart of New York City
827 Broadway, NYC

World's first single dose coffee roaster

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ansā isn't your typical coffee company. We redefine green – in principle and practice. Our commitment to sustainability begins with sourcing premium, single-origin green coffee beans directly, ensuring a positive impact on both quality and origin communities. But that's just the beginning. Imagine a future where coffee manifests into existence on demand, each cup a testament to precision. This dream is now reality – ansā introduces a revolutionary way to autonomously roast coffee without emitting heat.

This is more than innovation; it's the future of coffee. We're not just a startup; we're a movement uniting a passion for exceptional coffee with groundbreaking roasting technology.

Join ansā in shaping a better future of coffee. 

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Our Technology
Our technology

ansā's patent-pending roasting technology uses an innovative method based on dielectric heating to activate the beans by applying energy to roast to perfection from the core to the shell. The roasting process is governed by AI, replacing the human operator with a fully autonomous system that produces a homogenous and consistent roast. Every time. Thanks to this novel approach, roasting can take place on-demand, at the point of consumption, without the need for any infrastructure in place as there are no byproducts, such as ambient heat, noise, or smoke. 

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When drinking ansā coffee, you can be sure that beyond the excellent taste, maximum freshness, and high quality, you can also enjoy the added value of a greener and cleaner environment.  

With our waste-free packaging, directly sourced beans, and superb energy utilization, the ansā coffee solution is minimizing the coffee carbon footprint.

is better in every way

Culinary is all about high-quality and fresh ingredients. Perhaps, nowhere is this more true than with coffee, where the freshness is linked directly to the unique aromas and flavors. 


ansā’s unique technology allows rapid on-demand roasting providing you with the freshest coffee you’ve ever tasted. 

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Superior quality

The journey to that perfect cup starts with the core of the coffee plant - the coffee seed. We source specialty green coffee beans directly from select farms across the globe.

100% Arabica, single origin, specialty coffee. With ansā you are guaranteed an objectively awesome cup of coffee. 

directly sourced; farm to cup
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