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We are ansā,

let’s grab some coffee and answer a few questions

  • Who are you?
    Founded by a coffee lover, a maker, and a genius (still debating on who is who). We’ve set on a journey to create the best cup of coffee for you, the farmer, and the environment. And we found the answer with the ansā Micro-roaster. By bringing the roasting to the point of consumption, our specialty-grade green coffee beans connect you directly to the coffee source, enabling you to drink coffee the way it is supposed to taste. Say goodbye to multi-laminate packaging, smoke, and energy waste, and say hello to a whole new world of freshness and quality. With ansā coffee, you not only get an objectively awesome cup of coffee but an extremely sustainable one too.
  • What kind of coffee do you use?
    We bring you only the best of the best. 100% Arabica, Single Origin, Specialty coffee. All of our coffee is directly sourced from select farms across the globe, guaranteeing only top quality. When drinking ansā coffee, you can be sure that beyond the excellent taste, maximum freshness, and high quality, you can also enjoy the added value of a greener and cleaner environment.
  • What’s so special about roasting on-demand?
    The practice of on-demand roasting dates back to the origins of coffee consumption when coffee was roasted on an open flame. Industrial roasting was the compromise devised to roast coffee at scale. But now, ansā's technology is bringing coffee back to its roots. Fresh, clean, fair, and full of care at scale.
  • Just how are you better for the environment?
    Our solution makes a dramatic environmental impact from every direction. The ansā Micro-roaster’s energy consumption is highly efficient and produces no smoke or ambient heat. Thanks to the super-high level of heat-transfer accuracy inherent to our technology, we reduce PM emissions to zero and lower energy loss to less than 2% in convection roasters. And we didn’t stop there! By deindustrializing coffee roasting and using only 100% recyclable packaging, we fully eliminate the use of tonnes of landfill-bound packaging waste. This coffee supply chain (farm to office) optimization also guarantees that the farmers enjoy a fair share for their labor. Bottom line? We are sustainable in everything we do.
  • When will this be available in the United States?
    Today! We are piloting our solution with select Office Coffee Service (OCS) operators across the state.
  • How do I get a machine?
    If you are an office admin, fill in this form to tell us about your office needs and the OCS you work with. If you are not an office admin, forward this to your office admin :)
  • Price?
    Prices and bundles may vary as each OCS operator prices the solution differently. Contact us for more details.
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