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Makes Perfect

A viable and sustainable alternative to industrial roasting.

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Objectively Different

Bringing roasting to the point of consumption means more than just decentralization. It means de-industrialization! 

Rapid, clean, fresh, and fair coffee everywhere is finally made possible.

Our AI-powered countertop roaster enables ethically sourced specialty coffee roasting on demand, autonomously, anywhere.


We are sustainable in everything we do: Working directly with the farmers, we guarantee the fair share for their work and open the opportunity for green coffee to be packaged in the origin country using only recycled materials. 

Unlike industrial roasting, our technology achieves incredible energy efficiency and produces no smoke, no ambient heat, or noise. 


The journey to that perfect cup starts with the core of the coffee plant - the coffee seed.

We source specialty coffee beans directly from select farms across the globe. Our roasting profiles are tailored to the specific unique properties of the beans we pick.


ansā's roasting AI algorithms orchestrate a balanced and homogenous roast


Superb energy utilization with 98% of the energy absorbed by the bean during roasting 

Like no other

The beans are roasted from the inside out, producing unique flavor profiles and avoiding charring and smoke

Look & Feel

The roasting chamber is full of sensors that monitor the roast progress in real-time and guarantee optimal results

Insanely Clean

100% automatic roast means no temperature overshoot., no smoke, no ambient heat, and no noise

Unnaturally accurate

Each bean is brought to the ideal roasting temperature, creating a consistent & homogenous roast

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On-demand Roasting

The practice of on-demand roasting dates back to the origins of coffee consumption when coffee was roasted on an open flame. Industrial roasting was the compromise devised to roast coffee at scale.

But now, ansā's technology is bringing coffee back to its roots. Fresh, clean, fair, full of care and at scale.

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Volumetric Heating

ansā's patent-pending roasting technology uses an innovative method to heat the beans from the inside-out. The roasting process is governed by AI that replaces the human operator with a fully autonomous process that produces a homogenous and consistent roast. Every time.
This transformative invention not only guarantees a perfect roast, but also brings environmental benefits as it drives Particulate Matter (PM) and CO2 to zero, while improving energy efficiency by orders of magnitude. 

In a bean shell

We are coffee. 

Coffee is a commodity. It is artisanal. The production, processing, and preparation of coffee is a precise scientific procedure. But coffee, to its lovers, is a religion. For the coffee producers it is a source of income, and pride.

But more than anything - coffee connects people. 

Coffee is what connected us - foodies with a taste for gastronomy, scientists and makers. Artists and engineers. All of us, together. Pushing the limit of what's possible to bring you the pure, the fresh, the fair, the prosperous. Or, in one word:, the answer.


The ansā clan

A team with a soul of a coffee lover, the heart of a maker, and the mindset of a scientist;

entrepreneurs with a passion for creation and an obsession with perfection.



Yuval Weisglass


Co-founder and CTO of TowerSec (acquired by Harman, 2016) General Manager Automotive Cybersecurity at Harman International worldwide.



Jonathan Scharf


Founder of “Q-cafe” specialty coffee chain in Costa Rica In 2006 (Acquired by the Brenes Family Corp. 2010). Founded “MAE”- a direct coffee sourcing, roaster, and a chain of stores.



Matan Scharf


Held senior product leadership positions in enterprises such as Check Point, Synopsys, and Harman. Specializing in Marketing.



David Bensal

Strauss Corp

Served as the chief technologist for the Strauss corporation instant coffee division for over 37 years. 


Drew Wolff

Starbucks Corp 

Served as the treasurer for Starbucks Global financial operations between 2017-2021 and was CFO International & Channel development.


Martin Etchaves
Coffee Industry Expert

Senior Area Sales Manager of Evoca Group, the second-largest leading multinational OEM

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“We have great confidence in ansā’s ability to leverage its unique technology and lead a transformation in this huge market that will benefit the coffee producers, the coffee service providers, and perhaps most importantly – the coffee drinkers themselves that could finally enjoy coffee that is just as good for the palate as it is for the planet.”

Chanan Schneider, CEO of Millennium Food-Tech

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