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Direct Sourcing

Bringing a new meaning to

griin enjoys a long and close relationship with coffee farmers around the world. In the last 10 years, we have been traveling to farms around the world, several times a year to meet with the producers we work with, drink their coffee, and share their joy of producing some of the best coffee in the world. 
This direct connection is what sets us apart and gives us, not only the commercial advantage, but also the depth of the connection with the roots (no pun intended) of our business.

Play Fair

The heart and soul of the coffee industry are the coffee producers. Their labor of love is the inspiration behind griin and that is why we choose to place them in the front. Our direct trade practices guarantee that producers have a face and a name, and that their hard work is acknowledged and, in-turn, rewarded. The producers we work with are our colleagues and friends and we are honoured that they entrust us with their precious produce.

Roberto Mata

Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Sr. Mata is a 3 generation coffee producer.
Together with his children, they are upholding tradition whilst adopting innovation.

Coffee is from the Dota area, one of the famous coffee regions in the mountainous region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

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